Wrenn W.2410 SR Tank - V/RARE

Wrenn W.2410 0-6-0 Tank - SR Green - 1047 - V/RARE

The Wrenn Limited Edition Locomotives are becoming much harder to find today, mainly because of the production volumes not being met due to Basildon closure in 1992.

The rarest example of this is the sought after Wrenn W.2410 0-6-0 Southern Region Tank Locomotive with ONLY 71 issued of the planned 350 before factory closure. They were produced between 1989 - 1992 with only 22 yes 22 issued in the last 2 years (1991/2)

When purchasing the features to look out for are:

Proper Date stamped inner box

"SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION MODEL" is impregnated NOT painted on top box  

Yellow  background to guard logo

Larger Packing rings synonymous with late issue Wrenn Locomotives

Larger diameter  pickup wire either Yellow/Red or mauve

The longer capacitors(yellow) were used in all late Wrenn issued Locomotives

The Limited Edition Locomotive should come in a Limited Edition short box and include Locomotive, larger packing rings, tissue,

Limited Edition Certificate (1-71), plaque "1919 - 0-6-0 TANK - 1989", short plinth and Track. 


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