Wrenn W.2311 City of Leeds Duchess/Coronation Class - VERY RARE

Wrenn W.2311 City of Leeds Duchess/Coronation Class - VERY RARE

This is the very rare Wrenn W.2311 "City of Leeds" Duchess/Coronation Class Locomotive in unlined BR Black, running number 46244.

Only 69 of these were produced by Wrenn, Basildon from 1991/1992, hence its rarety. The tender has the early BR emblem, and this is really a striking model for the collector and/or those running Wrenn on "OO Gauge" Layouts.I am unsure whether the "City of Leeds" ran in real life under this livery or  "King Geoge V1" which are the alternative plates which George Wrenn issued with the model. The running number is obviously for "King George V1".

From the few "all black" models that Wrenn, Basildon produced, this in my view is one of the best.

Please watch out for "copies" which are prevalent in the market place. If you have any doubt please obtain two independet views fron "seasoned" Wrenn collectors, we are always happy to assist.     

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