Wrenn W.2303 City of Bristol - Coronation Class Streamliner - EXTREMELY RARE

Wrenn W.2303 City of Bristol - Coronation Class Streamliner - EXTREMELY RARE

This is the Wrenn W.2203 "City of Bristol" Coronation Class Streamliner in LMS Black, running number 6237. Introduced by Wrenn, Basildon during 1986/7 only 3 have been recorded as being produced. This is therefore much sought after by Wrenn Collectors.

Wrenn produced 6 in the range of Coronation Class Streamliners, which used Keyser body Kits (which Wrenn modified) and plastic tenders. The range included:

  • W2300     Ready to Run Body and Chassis Kit
  • W2301     LMS Blue "Queen Elizabeth" 6211
  • W2301A   LMS Blue "Coronation" 6220
  • W2302     LMS Red "King Geoge VI" 6244
  • W2302A  LMS Red "Duchess of Rutland" 6228
  • W.2303   LMS Black "City of Bristol" 6237

Production quantities of the others were also minimal ( up to 570 in total for the range) and are listed in Maurice Gunters book "The Story of Wrenn". This total excludes the "City of Bristol". I am aware of copies being made over the years, however the best guide to originality is provenance, box stamp (both end stamps and inner box base), tender was NON-Streamlined, and unique transfers.   

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