Wrenn Duchess of Abercorn - LMS Grey

Wrenn W2294 Duchess of Abercorn - LMS Grey

This is the very RARE W2294 "Duchess of Abercorn" in LMS Grey, running number 6234. This was the third and last of the Grey Livery Locomotives that Wrenn produced before the Basildon closure in 1992. Introduced in 1990, only 151 were produced by Wrenn. I am told that the real "Duchess of Abercorn" ran in this LMS Experimental Grey in 1946. If you are lucky enough to be offered a W2294, please check the rear tender paint as some suffered from " bubbling" and hence flaking paint. This was also a  problem on certain of the Brunswick Green Locomotives eg. Sidmouth and Seaton.

Please note due to its rareity, copies have been seen in the Wrenn market place. Always obtain a second opinion when investing in Wrenn, particularly with the RARER items. 

The "W2294" will always be in a late Period 4 box and stamped both ends. I am not aware of any labelled boxes produced.    

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