Wrenn W2268 Yeovil Bullied Locomotive - BR Blue - RARE

Wrenn W2268 Yeovil Bullied Locomotive - BR Blue - RARE

This is a good example of the Wrenn W2268 "Yeovil" Bullied Locomotive in BR Blue, running number 34004. Introduced by Wrenn, Basildon in 1983, just over 200 were manufactured between that year and 1990. This example has the early BR crest which places it circa 1983/84, and the retailers at the time had the option of having a 5 pole motor fitted, instead of the standard 3 pole armature. It is interesting to note that the brush alignment is not conducive to a 3 pole armature, and experience has shown that problems may arise in continuous performane with the 3 pole version.The 5 pole version provides better smoother control at lower speeds, and this may be further enhanced with the use of a Neo magnet as a direct replacement for the Basildon fitted Wrenn. You also have the added bonus of no degredation in the magnetic field of the motor which some Wrenn and Hornby Dublo magnets suffer from. This example has a 5 Pole armature fitted with Neo magnet.

Wrenn produced the "Yeovil" in both BR Blue and BR Green Liveries. 

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