Wrenn W2265/A Fighter Pilot G/A

Wrenn W2265/A Fighter Pilot G/A - Basildon issue from 1982?

It is generally accepted by Wrenn Collectors that the W2265/A "Fighter Pilot" Golden Arrow version was issued by the Basildon Factory from 1982.(3rd year of Period 4). Just over 500 were produced before closure in 1992.

As a collector over the years I have seen several Fighter Pilot boxes with "sellotape residue" (matching) on the top and inner boxes denoting Period 3 issue. I have no reason to discredit these Locomotives in any way, and certainly the copies that we are familiar with were mainly generated between 1992 and 2002 during the Period 5 era. Not I might add by Dapol as they did not officially issue any Locomotives during the Period 5 era.

Based on my experience, the 1980/81 and early 1982 years before the bottom inner box "Packer No/5 numbered" stamp appeared, box stamping at Basildon seemed to be a bit chaotic,ie several with no stamps others retaining the sellotape approach of Period 3. I believe this to be a credible explanation on the appearance of these Locomotives outside the normal period of acceptance.

This also applies to some other Locomotives released by Wrenn, Basildon around this Period 3/4 changeover of periods.

One important fact is that when purchasing any Wrenn "Golden Arrow" version such as Fighter Pilot, Exeter, City of Wells, etc, please remember the front Golden Arrow shield is attached to a stud which is screwed through the front of the boiler cover, no exceptions. If they are just stuck on to the boiler cover, a conversion kit has been applied to the Locomotive.


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