Wrenn W.2262A/5P Manchester Regiment - VERY RARE

Wrenn W.2262A/5P Manchester Regiment Scot - 5 Pole - VERY RARE

The Royal Scot Class "Manchester Regiment" - 3 POLE version was introduced by Wrenn, Basildon in Period 4 (circa 1982) and only had a short production life  finishing in 1983 with under 200 produced. This was the fourth Wrenn Scot to be produced, Basildon having tooling problems with the Scots from the early days. Note; First advertised in 1976, the earliest actually appearing in 1981. Some problems continued during the introduction of the earlier Scot 5 Pole variations, due to looser windings on the armatures. I have reviewed this under "Tips for Collectors" previously.   

The 3 POLE "Manchester Regiment" is difficult to find and hence RARE, but the Wrenn W.2262A/5P (5 POLE) version is VERY RARE.

Only produced in 1989, with a limited production of 37 actually recorded, and hence issued by Basildon.

The earlier 1989 boxed versions used the standard W2262A stamp with the "5 Pole" added to each end flap as a separate stamp. The later version used the full stamp "W.2262A/5P ROYAL SCOT B.R. GREEN MANCHESTER RGMT"

Similar looking to the other Wrenn BR Green Royal Scot Class Locomotives , but with running number 46148, early BR tender crest and VERY VALUABLE today!            

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