Wrenn W2234 NCB Diesel Shunter Variants - Periods 3/4

As a collector I have been frequently asked about the variations to the Wrenn W2234 "NCB" Class 08 Diesel in Red, running number 72.

In my opinion 2 variants existed :

1978 - 1979  Plastic moulded Matt Red body finish, dull yellow "NCB" and "72" letters/numbers

1980 - 1981 Plastic moulded Satin Red body finish, sharp yellow "NCB" and "72" letters/numbers 

Both are shown in the NEWS Item picture, the second variant opposite. 

Production figures indicate that 975 models were issued by Wrenn, Basildon factory during late Period 3 into Period 4. Most of these will be of the first Variant the second I would estimate at less than 100. At least 200 unfinished bodies were inherited by Dapol when they took over Wrenn in 1992, and I believe most of these were still around in 2002 when Wrenn was sold to 3 Collectors. They have appeared legally on Ebay over the years as bodies only. 

How to recognise?, main differences in body colour finish and box issue.

The first variant will always appear in a Mid Period 3 Box "W2234 0-6-0 DIESEL ELECTRIC NATIONAL COAL BOARD" with sellotape residue marks on the underneath of the inner box and top box. Majority without a "Packer No" stamp. Steel body rails used throughout, black tempered steel ladders. Standard Class 08 Wrenn chassis with upright Ringfield Motor. 

The second and Rare variant will always appear in a late Period 3 box with "Packer No " stamp and may have signs of sellotape residue marks as I am of the opinion Basildon continued this practice into 1982, hence early Period 4. All other aspects as steel rails, chassis etc as the first variant.

Hope this helps, but remember both GENUINE variants are self coloured moulded plastic red bodies, not Black base mouldings sprayed with red paint!  


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