Wrenn W2217 LNER N2 Tank Locomotive - VERY RARE VERSION

Wrenn W2217 0-6-2 LNER N2 Tank Locomotive - V/RARE VERSION

The standard Wrenn W2217 LNER N2 Tank Locomotive had the largest production figures from Basildon (5,420) over Periods 3/4. The main differences ove these periods was the lighter "sheen" finish on the later Period 4 Locomotives. This of course is true for all Wrenn models.

Occasionally the W2217 appeared with a gold painted crescent above the wheel arch and I have seen this over the years as a collector on some models.

What I have not seen before is the running board in black down the full length of the Locomotive (both sides), which this very rare version illustrates. It has been carefully examined and has not had paint added post Basildon, this is the original finish. A VERY RARE item and possibly a Basildon mistake?

The Locomotive comes in an early Period 3 box with early W2217 stamp. Underneath of the inner box is stamped "Packer No 3" in black ink and has the usual sellotape residue marks denoting Period 3 build. 

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