Wrenn W.2210/AM2 Golden Fleece A4 - 5 Pole - VERY RARE

Wrenn W.2210/AM2 Golden Fleece A4 - 5 Pole - VERY RARE

The Wrenn W.2210/AM2 "Golden Fleece" 5 Pole A4 Class Locomotive in LNER Garter blue, is one of the most sought after by collectors, due to the very limited production from the Wrenn, Basildon Factory. The first of the MK2 5 pole chassis were introduced in 1987, but production of W.2210/AM2 only lasted from 1988 to 1990 with only 118 produced from  the Basildon factory. Also the Golden Fleece was only issued with a Mk2 chassis. This makes it harder to copy as these chassis are not that common.

How do you recognise this AM2 version?

1. All 6 driving wheels are flanged

2. Driving wheels were increased from 23mm to 24mm diameter

3. Three pick-ups were provided rather than two

4. Cab detail was added

5. The inclusion of a 5 Pole armature as opposed to 3 Pole providing enhanced performance at lower speed

6. All top boxes had the proper Wrenn end stamp (as shown in the picture) and the inner white box should have a Packer No. and 5 number code indicating issue between 1988 and 1990 underneath    

 This, the black "Sparrow Hawk" and  grey Woodcock, are my personal favorites in the Wrenn A4 range.



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