Wrenn No 2224 - 8F Period 1 Issues - 1966 - 1969

Wrenn No 2224 8F BR Freight Locomotive - 48073 - Period 1 Box Issues As most Wrenn Collectors are aware, Wrenn  Basildon in Period 1 started with the "No" label notation, not the "W" reference which came in Period 2 - Triang/Wrenn era. 3 Locomotives were produced the BR 8F, BR Cardiff Castle, and BR 2-6-4 Tank. All Locos were fitted with plastic wheeled bogies and tender wheels where applicable using the original Hornby Dublo tooling. A description of the top box variations over Period 1 is fully documented in Maurice Gunters excellent book  "The History of Wrenn". I have noticed over the years as a collector that the majority of the inner boxes are yellow, however on a few examples (particularly the 8F) orange examples exist which I believe are rare and genuine issues during this period. Please see the enclosed picture. If these have been used on the other models I would be interested to hear or was this a 1off batch in the production of the 8F?

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