Wrenn No. 2221K Cardiff Castle Kit Locomotive - Period 1 - VERY RARE

Wrenn No. 2221K Cardiff Castle Kit Locomotive - Period 1 - VERY RARE

This is the VERY RARE Wrenn No. 2221K Cardiff Castle Kit Locomotive issued by Wrenn, Basildon in January 1969. Its life was quite short, for by 1st May 1969 it had disappeared from the Wrenn, Basildon price list. We can only surmise, that due to the changes at Basildon (Triang/Wrenn Period 2 era commencing in 1970), the emphasis shifted from any further "kit built"issues, to expanding the complete Locomotive and Wagon range. Although we are informed production records indicate 687 were issued by Basildon, as a collector over many years I suspect this figure in reality is far less, even assuming a large number were built and the box/packaging discarded at the time.  

The Kit comprises;

  • Presprayed Locomotive and Tender Body in GWR Green
  • Locomotive Chassis wheeled with driving rods and drive cog
  • Tender Chassis wheeled complete
  • Valve Gear and Motor
  • Front wheeled bogie
  • Accessoy Kit with pickup/rails/screws etc
  • Accessory Kit with nameplates/lining/numbers etc
  • Instruction Sheet

The contents were packaged in a yellow preformed plastic tray and "WRENN OO/HO LOCOMOTIVE KIT" cardboard box.

Valuation in 2002 was £850.00, however I am not aware of any that sold for this value on  the resale Wrenn market.

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