Wrenn N Gauge Range - 1967 to 1977

Wrenn N Gauge Range - 1967 to 1977

The formal collaboration between Wrenn, Basildon and Lima of Italy commenced in 1967 and lasted until 1977. The main railway models advertised were an extensive range of "N" Gauge, with some "O" Gauge included however this particular area was not popular by customers at that time in the UK market, perhaps because of the reliance on plastic. The "N" Gauge was Lima product packaged in Wrenn boxes,both cardboard (187mm long X 72 mm wide X 33 mm deep with profiled polystyrene insert),  and clear plastic containers in two sizes (175 mm long X 35 mm wide X 25 mm deep - Large ; 120 mm long X 35 mm wide X 25 mm deep) for the Locomotives/Coaches/Wagons.

The "N" range spanned 225 advertised  models, divided into a number of Series;

Train Sets/200 Series Locomotives/300 Series Coaches/400 Series Wagons/700 Series Wagons/500 Series Track work/700 series Accessories.

British/European/Canadian/USA Locomotives and rolling stock were covered and this was the largest selection in "N" from this era. Two items continued to be offered beyond 1977, the 508W N Gauge Track - NS - 1 Yard Lengths and 509W N Gauge Track - TS - 1 Yard Lengths.

Actual availability of all items advertised at the time is questionable, particularly the range of sets and track work. It is difficult to understand why Wrenn, Basildon agreed to the collaboration, as the Lima product (under Lima packaging) was being offered to the UK market at the same time! This also caused some confusion in the numbering of products and many were issued in boxes with hand written numbering.

It is ironic however, that to the collector today it helps, as we are still able to collect the majority of the range from whether it be in Wrenn or Lima packaging.   

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