Wrenn Khaki Locomotives Review

Wrenn KHAKI Locomotives - Circa 1982/4/5 - VERY RARE

The Wrenn "KHAKI" coloured Locomotives are highly sought after by Wrenn Collectors and/or runners, and those wanting to add a distinct difference to their layout Loco fleet. Produced by Wrenn, Basildon between 1982/4/5, some people believe them as "mistakes", others like myself recognise them as genuine production items and hence collectable. The recorded range follows, with those I believe are "Very Rare".

Rare - W2236A Bodmin, W2245 SR Green Tank, W2262 Grenadier Guardsman, W2265 Winston Churchill, W2275 Hurricane, W2238 Clanline, W2266A City of Wells G/A, W2269 Sir Keith Park.

Very Rare - W2270 BR 2-6-4 Tank, W2211A Silver Link, W2266AX City of Wells. 

Others may exist, Wrenn has a strange habit as suddenly appearing over the years, although please remember "copies" are still about so please get a second opinion on all purchases.No specific production figures are available, however, these Locomotives are very much in the minority of the published figures of each Wrenn range.The "Khaki" colour can vary from complete Loco/tender, and seperate Loco and tender combination ie either way. The most common example of this is W2262 "Grenadier Guardsman". Various theories exist on why the colour difference, but in my opinion it was a pigment variation in the paint mix prior to spraying and then baking. This subject is also covered  on Page 5 and 21 of "The Story of Wrenn - Part 2" written by Maurice Gunter.    

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