Wrenn 152 Triple Electric Model Motor Racing

Wrenn 152 Triple Electric Model Motor Racing - Fantastic

In early 1960 Wrenn, Basildon introduced the Wrenn Formula  "152" Triple Electric Model Motor Racing System, which was "ground breaking" in its day. Wrenn enthusiasts still operate these systems today, although the spares are becoming harder to locate because of age.

Three Sets formed the basis of the range (1,2,&3) with two further Sets (2A and 3A) offering additional cars and contollers.These were;

Set 1 "Basic Set" comprising; 4 inch radius Basic Oval making circuit 50 inch X 12 inch, 2 cars, 7 straights T1, terminal section T25, 8 curves T4, 2 controllers E1, return leads and instruction manual.   

Set 2 "Two Level Figure 8 2 Car Sets" comprising; 8 inch radius with overtaking, making circuit 63 inch X 20 inch, 2 cars, 6 straights T1, 10 curves T8, 1 deflector T20, 1 terminal section T25, 2 controllers E1, return leads, bridge supports, fencing, oil and instruction manual.

Set 3 comprising similar contents as Set 2 but for 4 inch radius making a circuit 70 inch X 20 inch.  

Built in 1/52 Scale, the Sets included the "Triple Electric" feature, enabling you to race 3 cars independently on each lane of a 2 or 4 lane track. The ablity to pull out and pass as in real life was also included.Car makes included; Ferrari, Cooper, Maserati, and Vanwall in a variety of racing colours. 

A complete range of track and circuit essentials was offered By Wrenn, Basildon including, Extention Packs, Racing Cars, Track Supports, Lap counter, Buildings, accessories, service spares, layout construction items, to offer race circuit realismn.

My records indicate that 1960-1964 was the most successful years, beyond that date perphaps more emphasis was being placed on the Model Railway side of the business and other model diversity.ie boats, baby alarms, etc.

Whatever the reason, the Wrenn Formula "152" is seen as the for-runner to Scalextrics, and many believe it is still a more robust and superior system. 

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