Wrenn Limited Edition Brighton Belle Sets - Blue/Grey - V/Rare

Wrenn 150th Anniversary Limited Edition B/B Sets - Blue/Grey - VERY RARE

The Wrenn "150th Anniversary" Limited Edition Brighton Belle Sets in Blue/Grey have been the subject of controversy over the years amongst collectors, the main difference of opinion being the "packaging" whether they were supplied in both Locomotive and Coach boxes. A total of 51 Sets were issued by Basildon in late Period 4, with the majority being issued in the last months of 1992 before closure. The Sets were;

 W3004/A BR Blue/Grey Motor/Trailer Car Set -  Limited Edition (11 sets)

W3006/7A BR Blue/Grey Motor/Trailer Car Set - Limited Edition (40 sets)

Recognition of genuine Sets is paramount to the Wrenn Collector, and some help full signs to look for are as follows;

1 A small green capacitor was used for isolation on the motor assembly not resistors as used on earlier versions including the Bo-Bo.

2 The "150th Anniversay" transfer was in RED, mounted below the standard Brighton Belle transfer in black on the front of both Power and Trailer Cars

3 Chrome headed screws were used throughout to secure the bogies and chassis to the bodies of both Power and Trailer Cars

4 Suppression between rail DC and the motor was achieved using either types of the standard yellow capacitors (short and long)

5 Boxes were stamped both ends "W.3004/A 2 CAR SET - MOTOR  COACH or NON POWERED - LIMITED EDITION" in red ink no certificates were issued and LIMITED EDITION did not appear on the box facias.

6 Due to the length of the Motor and Trailer Cars the internal yellow cardboard inserts were extended to take this length by cutting a second insert to suit and stapling. THIS WAS USED ON THE COACH BOX VERSION.

7 The reverse cream colour of the yellow cardboard inserts should match the internal coach box colour. This is true on all Wrenn B/B Sets/Pullmans/Wagons that use cardboard inserts

In my opinion these Sets were supplied in both Locomotive and Coach boxes as the more common Brown/Cream Limited Edition Sets.

My view on value today, would be approaching £2000.00 per Set, irrespective of the packaging format and assuming the genuine article.  

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