W2235 Barnstable Variations

W2235 Barnstable West Country Class Locomotive Variations

The Wrenn W2235 West Country Class Rebuilt Locomotives were produced by Wrenn, Basildon over all 4 periods. I am informed that production reached 4914 over these periods with 21 of these finally being issued between 1991 - 1992 before factory closure.

Identification for the 2 earlier Periods,(1966 - 1971 (which includes the Triang/Wrenn period) is not difficult as front and rear bogie wheels of the Locomotive were plastic,(as Hornby Dublo) and in the majority of cases plastic wheels were used on the tenders. The boxes of course were very distinctive compared with P3/4 types.Lining tended to be thick red/orange in colour with black insert.In my opinion Period 3 continued with slight variations to the lining standard, mainly orange through to Period 4 . Also during Period 3 Basildon standardised on "metal rimmed" wheels throughout for the bogies and tenders,

Period 4 is interesting particularly circa 1985/6, as I believe two distinct differences occurred;

1. Locomotive boiler lining changed to bright yellow/orange with black insert - see pictures

2. Locomotive side rails were nickel silver plated not plain steel.

Late Period 4 (1991/2) saw a change again with dark orange fine lining and the usual confirmation of proper 1992 box stamps, mainly brown armature segmentation, and larger packing pieces - cotton reels.

How do you split production into periods, impossible to do, however, based on my experience I firmly believe less than 250 were produced from 1986 onwards including the 21 during 1991/2  






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