Wrenn KHAKI Locomotives - The Range - Rare

The Wrenn, Basildon KHAKI Locomotives - RARE

The Wrenn "KHAKI" coloured Locomotives are highly sought after by Wrenn Collectors, and those wanting to "add a difference" to their operational layouts. Produced by Wrenn, Basildon between 1980 and 1985 we believe, some people view them as mistakes, others like myself recognise then as "bona fide" production items and hence collectable. The recorded range is as follows;

W2236A "Bodmin"    W2245 SR Green Tank    W2262 "Grenadier Guardsman"    W2265 "Winston Churchill"    W2275 "Hurricane"

W2238 "Clanline"    W2266A "City of Wells G/A"    W2266AX "City of Wells"    W2269 "Sir Keith Park G/A"   W2270 BR Green Tank

W2211/A "Silver Link"

Note; Others may exist as the W221/A is a recent find.

The Khaki colour varies from complete Loco/tender, and seperate Loco and tender. ie either way, Khaki Loco, Green tender or visa versa.

Various theories exist on why the colour difference, but in my opinion it is purely the colour mix before spraying  and then baking. No seperate production figures are available on these however based on my experience over the years it is very few.

I would like to point out the VERY RARE "Khaki" Locomotives being W2266A and W2266AX. Why, because a few were fitted with standard green smoke deflectors! I have only seen three examples of these over the years.

This subject is more fully covered on Page 5 & 21 of "The story of Wrenn - Part 2" written by Maurice Gunter and currently available from the company website.   

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