Period 2 Tri-ang WRENN Locomotives becoming RARE

Period 2 Tri-ang WRENN  Locomotives becoming RARE! The Period 2 Triang/Wrenn era was the shortest production period from the Basildon factory lasting only 2 years (1970 - 1971). Wrenn maintained the range of 18 Locomotives being produced, however deleted some of the R1, 2-6-4, and 8F variations, by introducing the N2, Gresley(A4) and Coronation (City) Class Locomotives. As with Period 1 Locomotives they kept plastic wheels on both front and rear Locomotive bogies, and plastic wheeled tenders. This practice continued until mid 1971 when they changed across the range to "metal rimmed" wheels.As most of the Period 2 Locomotives at the time were purchased for layout use, to find them today, complete and in boxed "near mint" condition with instructions is becoming increasingly rare. These of course are also sought after by Triang collectors and runners.The most difficult to find in my experience is the N2 range, W2215/6/7.The W2215 is shown photographed in Maurice Gunters book "The History of Wrenn", Page 33.

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