Original Wrenn Protoype Wagons - Newcastle Main and Consolidated Fish - Rare

Original Wrenn Protoype Wagons - Newcastle Main and Consolidated Fish - Rare

These are two examples of Prototype Wagons  which never saw the  Wrenn, Basildon Factory prodution line between 1980 - 1992 when the factory closed. The examples are:

1 Consolidated Fisheries in Yellow, running number "Swansea 76".

2 Newcastle Main  - Manton Colliery, in Brown, running number "415"

With respect to "Consolidated Fisheries" as most Wrenn collectors know this was issued under W5107 in Grey as a production wagon in late Period 4. This example is  Yellow plastic body with white lettering keeping to the self coloured plastic tradition of Wrenn and not spraying. To be honest I prefer the production version W5107..

 With respect to "Newcastle Main" this example is a sprayed brown body with white lettering. During  1991/2 prior to closure Wrenn did resort to both Pullman and limited wagon spraying, W5084 being an example of this. Sadly the "Newcastle Main" Coal wagon never reached the production line.

These are in late Period 4 Wrenn Basildon Long boxes (with inset guard) and blank box ends. 



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