Silver Jubilee Basildon Tank 1977

Silver Jubilee Basildon Tank 1977

This tank was one of 51 produced by Wrenn, commisioned by the Basildon Development Corporation in commemoration of the 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee. The order by the Basildon Development Corporation was for 50, however Wrenn always produced one of each model which they kept. The original purchase price was £25 each, and the B.D.C added a gold foil "sleeve"before they were distributed by their representatives at exhibitions/trade fairs to potential investors. Many of the Basildon Tanks went to the USA and Japan, hence the rare nature of seeing an original today.

The Baildon Tank was supplied in a Period 3 standard short Loco box, with the ends left blank (no stamp). Included were cotton reels(2), standard blue Instruction Manual, tissue, and H/D coupling conversion set. Note; in practice these could not be fitted as they were the Wrenn Wagon "push on" type. The gold coloured "foil sleeve" (as shown in the photograph) was added at the Basildon Development Corporation premisses to the 50. No label was ever produced or fitted in my opinion as previously thought.

Now a sensitive area! 

I am aware of three types of reproduction Basildon Tanks which have "surfaced" over the years.

Type 1 - Easy to spot as the reproduction shield is angled to one side, and the Basildon letters are smaller than the originals.

Type 2 - Harder to spot, however the top of the coronet /crown is a solid line, the original is dotted. Also at the base of the crown their are two lines above the "1977", their should only be one. The "1977" is also blurred where the transfer has been re-photographed I believe. Again the size and spacing of the "BASILDON" letters differ from the originals.

Type 3 - A similar variation to type 2 but in this case no line or dots at the top of the coronet/crown. Their is however one line at the base of the coronet/crown which is correct. The "1977" is still blurred and the size and spacing of the "BASILDON" letters differ from the originals. 

How many in circulation - I do not know - do other variations/copies exist?  



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