Hornby Dublo style EDL12 "City of Nottingham" - BR Green

Hornby Dublo style EDL12 City of Nottingham - BR Green - 3 Rail - HRCA Limited Edition

This is a Number 48 of a Limited Edition EDL12 "city of Nottingham" in BR Green, running number 46251 with early BR totem. Only 52 were produced by Mr John Buxton to celebrate the 25th Celebration of the "Hornby Railways Collectors Association" HRCA with permission given by Hornby Hobbies Ltd. I understand a few other models were produced, the Silver Link A4 being one of them.

This City of Nottingham is professionally resprayed lined and numbered and definitely meets the quality standards produced by Dublo in the later years of production leading up to 1964. I believe it was an original Montrose body and tender, and in keeping with Meccano and Wrenn practice the lining on the tender matching the cabside lining on the Locomotive. 

This is the first example of this Locomotive I have seen over the years and would classify this as RARE!  


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