City of Edinburgh - Khaki Version

Another Khaki Variation -  City of Edinburgh!

This is a MK1 version of the Wrenn BR W2228/A City of Edinburgh in KHAKI green, running number 46241. The MK 1 version was only built between 1980/4 by the Basildon factory, with only 394 in total  issued. This is  the only Khaki version that I have seen over the years as a collector. All other features of the MK1 version are the same as its BR Green counterpart. The bottom of the inner box was stamped "Packer No 1 0021" indicating 21st Week, 1982 as Basildon issue date. Fortunately this example was not " play worn" like other of its green family, and the colour was a surprise to me when I serviced it!

This is why Wrenn is such a great Model Railway hobby, with new discoveries still appearing! 

This example has gone to a good friend of mine with some of his other Khaki variations. 

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